The devils in the details and the details take time

The devils in the details and the details take time.I listened to a recent Biden speech where he talked about President Trump not taking covid seriously.This is tricky and misleading. I am going to mainly focus on the travel restrictions involving China. Trump had the State Department order the departure of all non-emergency US personnel and their families from Wuhan on 1/23. This process escalated until Trump’s travel ban on 1/31. Remaining flights were filtered to 7 airports to screen passengers.Question: For folks that have been in the service or the state department – I have not so I do not know the answer. If you are in an area where a travel restriction is going to be put into place or likely it soon will be, do you know about it before hand? Are there people talking about it before it happens? I could be absolutely wrong on this, but it would make sense if US personnel in Wuhan were told to expect to be ready to leave, but didn’t know when until the 1/23 bulletin.** Tweets; I have not neutered he tweets as I have seen done. I have seen the first sentence of the 1/31 tweet from Biden left off of many news pages. I left it on because it is what was tweeted. It also explains Biden’s reaction better. **————————On 1/31 Biden tweeted this;Joe Biden@JoeBiden Jan 31Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is a direct betrayal of America’s most fundamental freedom: religious freedom. And now he’s adding more countries to his list of who’s not welcome in America. It’s not who we are — and we’ll prove that when we beat Trump this November and end the ban.On 2/1 Biden tweeted this;On February 1, Biden tweeted in response to the ban;Joe Biden@JoeBiden Feb 1We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.————————Now before you get your knickers in a knot, no matter what side you are on there is more going on here than these simple tweets.Biden’s tweet on 1/31 was about more than just the travel restrictions for those traveling from China. He was also tagging/relating the new restrictions on to Executive Orders 13769/13780 and Presidential Proclamation 9645 along with…/presidential-proclamation… . Biden was trying to make a point that Trump was just shutting down further travel from more countries and was just fear mongering.On 2/1 he then started using xenophobia to describe what President Trump was doing and that included the ban on travel from China.The timeline continues until Biden jumps on the china travel “bandwagon” and over time he has tried to pivot the narrative that it was his idea and that Trump waited too long, didn’t take covid seriously enough when Biden was initially using the Ban to try to paint President Trump as xenophobic for banning flights from China among other countries.The order of events is similar for the Defense Production Act, but there is even more going on in back channels because the President was working with different companies to start the production of ventilators and other protective equipment. Most of which have thankfully not been needed, though that is no comfort for those that have lost their lives to covid.I came across an old video of Biden in which he told a few whoppers and got caught, repeatedly. It’s kind of bazar, but no more so then 2020. The AP has a doc about it as well. graduated with a law degree from Syracuse University and passed the bar to became a lawyer in 1969. He worked as a clerk for 6 months then bounced around for a few months before jumping in to politics. There he has been for the past 47 years.From my research, I think Biden and Harris both just blow around in the wind saying and taking whatever position they think is popular in order to get elected. They are career politicians. The more I look into Biden the more I see someone that doesn’t seem to have any solid views I can point to. I also listened to how out of breath he was in his speech in Kenosha.These are my views, not someone else’s. They are not some trope position. I do my own research and come to my own conclusions. Take a look at the video and the AP article form 1987. Also I get extra points for *bandwagon*. Cheers.

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