Biden speech in Pittsburg on 8/31

I listened to the entire Biden speech in Pittsburg on 8/31 then I read the transcript. I also read the Unity Task Force Recommendations. First challenge was finding an unedited version of the 8/31 speech. That was odd.There are no concrete statements of policies in the speech, only statements like, he is doing a bad job and if you elect me I will do better. Beyond the gaff we have all seen, and trump has them too, here are a few things that stood out for me:Biden 8/31″”I’ve worked with police in this country for many years. I know most cops are good, decent people. I know how they risk their lives every time they put that shield on and go out the door. I’m confident I can bring the police to the table as well.”My Question: If most cops are good. Why are you bringing them to the table? That sounds like you view the police like a dog you intend to bring to heel. If most police forces are doing a good job then how about just supporting them and let them serve their communities. If you are serious about change then why did the Democrats block the Justice Act?This is interesting and I think the heart of most of America’s police officers. 8/31:”Mr. Trump, you want to talk about fear? Do you know what people are afraid of in America? Afraid they’re going to get COVID. They’re afraid they’re going to get sick and die. And that is in no small part because of you.”My Question: How well has any president, any country, any state, any city, any town or any business done in controlling the regular flu? The zombie apocalypse doesn’t give two wits about who is in power. Covid/Sar is a virus. Both parties need to stop using it as an tool to try to frighten people into voting for them. This is a global virus. It is disingenuous for either side to blame the other for the virus.I have also read the Unity Task Force Recommendations. On page 8 there is this;”Democrats believe every school should have sufficient funding to employ guidance counselors, social workers, or school psychologists to help guarantee age-appropriate and racially equitable student disciplinary practices, rather than turning to police to resolve these issues.”My Question: What is racially equitable student disciplinary practices? If equitable is “dealing fairly and equally with all”, then that sounds like the discipline could differ depending on the race of the individual because standards of fairness and equality are being viewed differently based on race. That can’t be right? Maybe I am reading this incorrectly.The teachers I have spoken with love having school resource officers on their campus. Replacing school resource officers with social services does not solve the problems our schools face or address why the school resource officers are there. Lets make sure we are not short changing our kids for a social-political agenda.

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