What happens when the Piper doesn’t get paid?

What happens when the Piper doesn’t get paid?

With historic amounts of money being spent by both primary candidates, what happens to the side that loses the election? Not the candidates themselves as I do not think we will see either of the primary candidates again due to their ages and I can’t see either party going with Pence or Harris should they attempt to run in the future. With the amount of money being spent, donors are going to demand changes for future support. They will be asking what is our ROI? Political donors are not going to settle for supporting the next generation of political representatives, but are going to start farming the future. As Alan Kay said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.Part of that future is better data modeling to more accurately predict human behavior.

I personally have not seen or have any interest in watching any ads by either of the primary candidates. I did watch one of Jorgensen’s ads, but it was just, the other two suck, vote for me. I also do not know anyone that would answer any pollster questions.

The next generation of pollsters won’t be asking you and I who we are going to vote for. Instead they are going to determine who Americans are going to vote for through a new generation of data mining. Where we travel, our occupations, family size etc. The data will probably also be more accurate.

I don’t want to be a mouse in someone else’s maze.

The only way you and I are going to have a say in our future is to stand up and not accept someone else writing the future for us. No matter what your political leanings are, if you want things to be different, you and I have to work to make it so. Otherwise the Piper is going to get paid and you and I will be the ones paying. – Matt

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